LOL Surprise Doll Confetti POP Unwrapping

LOL Surprise Dolls have been a huge hit with primary school age children.  At Christmas, they were definitely one of the sort after toys and make great pocket money treats. Erin enjoys opening the layers that reveal the surprise doll.

This Spring, L.O.L. Surprise! Confetti Pop launches in the UK with nine brand new surprises including new dolls, new accessories and a new surprise water feature. Not only does the L.O.L Surprise! Confetti Pop have outfits, accessories, shoes and dolls –  hidden amongst the layers is a ribbon, inviting you to pull and reveal a confetti pop! surprise which can be enjoyed over and over again.

In addition there is also the L.O.L Surprise! Lil Sisters they have five surprises, the clue hints at which doll is hidden inside. Reveal stickers, accessories and a doll. The surprises don’t stop there – bathe your doll to reveal her colour change water surprise. Her ball can become either a keyring or bath set. Mix and match the adorable accessories with both the L.O.L Surprise! Confetti Pop and L.O.L Surprise! Pets. There are 35+ L.O.L Surprise! Lil Sisters dolls to collect in series 3.

In Erin’s Words

I have been sent the new series 3 Confetti pop L.O.L surprise. It includes nine layers inside. Once you’ve opened some of your surprises you pull a ribbon and pops out your doll.

I got really excited when opening them as it is fun to see which one you get.

If you didn’t know they can colour change,spit, cry and wee.The dolls that I got were Rip Tide and Dawn. Dawn colour changes and water comes out of her ears. Rip Tide cry’s and water comes out of her ears as well. I play with them in the bath most days.

Here you can see Erin’s latest vlog where she unwraps the LOL Surprise Doll

Bath Bomb Set Demo and Vlog

This year I bought Erin presents that were STEM and educational related.  As you may know, Erin is very academic and also crafty. I looked for gifts that would both challenge and entertain her.  She would spend a small fortune in Lush each week if she was able too which is why I decided to get her a bath bomb set. At first, I looked at sets aimed at children but decided many of these were gimmicky and I wanted a natural product that would actually be lovely in the bath too! I ended up buying a set from Naissance it cost just £17.99 and made 9 bath bombs.

Erin explains in her words why she enjoyed this and we also vlogged it.

For Christmas I got a make your own bath bomb set plus some Lush bath bombs. Today I had a try at making them with my mum. I managed to make 9  which is really good.

I liked doing this because it is STEM and I’m good at that stuff and like making things. The kit had mostly everything in the box apart from a wooden spoon, mixing bowls, water and a sieve.

How to make natural baath bombs at home using kitchen essentials.

The thing that was fun was putting the rose petals in the molds and scooping the mixed ingredients in the moulds.I loved doing this craft because I love having bath bombs in my bath.

I did do a video about this so go and check it out and also subscribe while you are watching or do it by clicking this link .

When it was finished the bath bombs looked so pretty. They smell really good because they have lemon in.

Let us know in the comments what other STEM activities are great for this age group.

Child Ears Pierced: Does Erin Get Her Ears Pierced?

Erin came home from school asking to have her ears pierced, I was rather stunned as only a month earlier she had said no chance was it happening! I deliberated on letting my child get her ears pierced and decided she could. I explained what would happen and also how she would need to clean them to stop them getting infected. I thought it might put her off!

I decided to call her bluff somewhat and said yes thinking she would change her mind.  Instead, she got more excited.  I booked the appointment and told Erin that she could change her mind at any time.  However, I also pointed out that I wasn’t going to mess about and if she dithered we would leave the shop.  Here are her words describing the process: 

Yesterday at 10:30 I went to Kara’s to get my ears pierced. I was a bit scared if it will hurt. Before I got there I had butterflies in my tummy and felt really nervous It was basically a stapler in your ear. We went upstairs and I had to choose some earrings.  There were loads to choose and I looked whilst my mum was signing the paperwork to say I could have my ears pierced.

First, they had to clean your ears and measure that they are in line with each other.

Next, they got a pen and dotted it on my ear. Then they got the piercing gun and pressed it in my ear. Then she did the same with the other ear. When they’re done you feel so grown up. I got the purple earrings. Afterwards mum and me went for a milkshake.Then it was time to surprise my family and friends.

Here you can see the vlog of Erin having her ears pierced

Does your little one have their ears pierced or are you waiting until they are older we would love to hear other opinions?

Back to School with Lalaloopsy

A week ago I went back to school after half term. In the holidays we went out for coffee and did some Halloween stuff.  I like the first day of school because it’s nice to see your friends again. I also like it because you see your teacher. So now I’m gonna tell you my school morning routine.  So first I officially wake up and get in my uniform.

Next I go down the stairs to get my breakfast, i usually have cookie crisp. Then I go back up stairs to clean my teeth I brush my teeth for 2 minutes and twice a day. Last but not least my mum does my hair. I keep changing my mind about what hairstyle I want. Sometimes I have plaits and other days some up and some down. We walk to school which is onl;y about 10 minutes away and we take the dog too. We meet my friend on the way.

I am in year 3 which is the juniors. My favourite subjects are English , maths,history ,science and more. I like learning and always do my best in every lesson. My teacher is lovely her name is Miss Workman. I have a packed lunch every day.

It isn’t nice when I’m not with my cousin because he is a really good friend of mine. I am in a new playground it has fun activities such as the trim trail,the buddy bench and hiding places. We used to be in the same playground but he is still in KS1 so I can’t see him now.

Now that I am in year 3 I do guitar lessons.  I have just started and have to practise at home. .My lessons are so fun and I’d like to be able to play proper songs soon.

When I am home from school I do my homework and then play with my toys.  My favourite toys are Lalaloopsy Super Silly Party Jewel Sparkles Doll.  I was given this recently and I watch it on Netflix. Lalaloopsy were once rag dolls who magically came to life when their last stitch was sewn. Cute and wholesome, Lalaloopsy offers girls a whimsical world of characters with unique personalities drawn from the fabric used to sew them, and aims to teach children that everyone is unique with different personalities and styles. You can see what I thought of her here in my vlog.

The Day I was on TV

This weekend I went to Manchester to be on BBC1. This is my routine, so first we packed our bags for the train. It was a long journey and I packed toys to entertain me. I took colouring and top trumps. Then we were off to the train station. We waited on platform 4 for our train and we had to find our seats. It took 2 in a half hours.

As soon as we got to Manchester we got a taxi to the hotel. We got there super late so we went to bed. We had a bed each and the room was really nice.  So the next morning we woke up at 6:00. because we had to go to the studio really early. After we got ready we went to BBC1.

We had a touch of makeup and then we were on TV just like that. The lady took me into a room and asked me if I wanted my hair straight or curled.  I said curled, she kept saying I had lovely hair. Next she put some lip gloss on me.  My mum was also getting her make up done.

Then we had microphones put on us and went into the studio.  The studio is smaller than it looks on TV but the people are the same.  They are famous TV people and I was sitting with them.

We were talking about reverse advent calendars.That means giving to other people. Each day you put something in a box and then give it to a charity who gives it to poor people. They asked me questions like what I would put in the box and why we should do it. I said it makes people happy.

After it finished they said we are going on again!!!!!

We went for breakfast in the hotel and I had pancakes.

We went back to the studio and we met Katie Melua. She was really nice and liked my colouring.  We talked about playing the guitar. After we went on TV we went home to watch ourselves over and over again.

Do join in with the reverse advent calendars to help other people.

Mum Talk

Erin was amazing on the TV she showed little nerves and spoke to clearly and confidently.  The reverse advent calendar is gaining momentum, you can read about it here. Do join in and help out a vvulnerable family this Christmas.

Smile with Smiggle: See the new products

I love Christmas and I love advent calendars. Luckily I have been sent a Smiggle advent calendar to have a sneak look at and unbox. It has awesome accessories in there and I want to tell you some of my favourites. So let’s get started.

My first one is scratch and smell stickers. The next one is actually behind door number 1. I like it because it is a rubber that smells like blueberries and it’s shaped like a lolly. You can see the rest of the products in my vlog below.

Also last Tuesday I went to see the new Smiggle range in Bristol at Cribbs Causeway. If you wanted to know what the range is called it is called Smile. In the range of Smile it has lovely hair Products and Jewellery. From that range I brought a locket with some glitter on the front. Then I brought some little bows for my hair.

Next I also brought a nice furry rainbow bag because mum promised me a new school bag!. Last but not least I got a pop out pencil case if you don’t know what that Is it is where there’s lots of buttons to press.  So thank you very much Smiggle for inviting us to the new launch!!!

Smile with Smiggle: See the new products

Smiggle is my favourite shop because I love stationery.  I write lots of stories at home and do craft stuff so I need my Smiggle pens to make my work look good.  When it’s my friends birthdays I usually get them something from Smiggle as their present because they do individual things or sets which we like.  It is always colourful and really nice.  The hair and jewellery pieces are new but I think it will be really popular. So many people at my school have Smiggle things and next I want a lunchbox.

Dissclosure: Smiggle gifted Erin with the Advent calendar and a voucher towards her products. Mum footed the bill for the rest!

I’m Getting a Cavachon Puppy!

Most people are upset when they leave holiday but not me because I’m getting a cute little puppy. I’m getting a Cavachon it is white with a little bit of brown.
She is about 12 weeks old and it takes forever to get a name but we have finally found a name that we all agree on, which is Lilly.
I am going to be sad when I leave my dog when I am at school but when I get back I can see her again. She is one of the most cutest puppy ever. I think I’m going to be with her the most.

I still need to get some stuff for the puppy because we need a crate ,bowls , food and other stuff. I know what to do because I’m getting a book that is about puppy’s so what I will need to do . We are still thinking which days we’re going to take it out for walks.

Getting a Cavachon Puppy
Getting a Cavachon Puppy

So Lilly has been with us for the last two weeks. The first time you take puppies out for walks they probably won’t walk so you need to get them use to walking in the garden and the thing that we don’t like is she wakes up early.  She cries when she wakes up because she wants to play.  I do love  her already though and she comes in my room and sits on my bed.

L.O.L Dolls Series 2: Erin Reviews The Ultimate Pocket Money Toy

Earlier this year the latest collectable craze L.O.L. Surprise! was launched.  Within a matter of weeks of being on shelf the dolls were out of stock in all toys retailers and supermarkets due to high demand. Erin was also swept up in the craze and searched them out whenever we were in town.

LOL Dolls: Erin Reviews The Ultimate Pocket Money Toy
LOL Dolls: Erin Reviews The Ultimate Pocket Money Toy

The L.O.L doll proved extremely popular with unboxers as you get seven layers of fun with every L.O.L. Surprise doll! Inside there is a secret message sticker, a collectible sticker sheet, a water bottle charm, a pair of shoes, an outfit, an accessory and a L.O.L. Surprise! doll with water surprise. Erin often watched others opening these and desperately wanted to join in with the fun.

Erin recieved a L.O.L Doll Series 2 recently and here in her own words are her thoughts on it:

LOL Dolls: Erin Reviews The Ultimate Pocket Money Toy

A couple days ago I’ve got this really cool toy called L.O.L Dolls series 2. You need to open 7 layers. Under each layer there would be a little surprise. Also you get really excited when you get on to the 7th layer because you unwrap the doll. Mine is so cute let me describe what she’s like. She has pink hair and she has a really cute outfit on. One of the cutest things on her is her cute little boots. That’s not all, to complete her outfit she where’s a bunny headbanb.  Last but not least she has a adorable little cup.

Oh I forgot to tell you that they come with stickers that say colour change,cry,spit and wee mine spits so for example mine spits so I would get the spit sticker and put it on the collectors guide. I really enjoyed opening them so I would really like to open some more of these toys and there’s about 45 to collect.

L.O.L Dolls Series 2 are about £10 and available from most toy shops.  You can watch my vlog here and see what is under each layer.

My Holiday in Crete Staying at Vasia Beach and Spa

On the 25th of July I went to Crete for my holiday and I am still here.  We are in Vasia Beach Spa and Hotel and I’m staying for 10 days.   We have got 3 more day’s left.

Our  rooms are really good, my mum and dad shares a room, and me my brother and sister share a room.  We are lazy because we wake up at half 9 and that is only because mum wakes us! Breakfast ends at half 10 so we have to get up then.  Breakfast is really good as I can get whatever I want.  Mostly I have been getting bacon and waffles.

The next thing we do is go back to our room and get ready to go to the pool and we are there for a few hours. There is a snack bar which is free, everything is free.  It has slushes, ice cream, hot dogs, fries,fish fingers and burgers. After that we go for lunch and it is so good. My brother and sisiter don’t come for lunch as they stay in the pool.

I have had my hair braided and so did my sister.  It looks really cool and I hope it stays in until I go back to school so that I can show my friends.

Next is one of my favourite parts of the day, I go to kids club.  I go there for about two hours. We have been crafting, playing games like Uno and drawing. I have met children from different places like Holland and France. The leaders can speak to us, well some speak English and others speak Dutch. I like Kelly because she speaks English the best to me, but she isn’t even English.  I want to be able to speak different languanges like her.

When my mum picks me up from kids club I go swimming again.  After swimming I get dry and do blog posts for you. Then at about half six we go for dinner. After we go to reception where there is a bar, for a little drink before mini disco.  Mini disco is fun as we sing songs in different languages and do dances.  Then then we go back to the bar until it is bedtime.

So that is my day and what I do.

Gel A Peel: Glow in the Dark Kit Review

Erin was recently sent Gel-A-Peel Accessory 3 pk Kit – Glow in The Dark kit and spent this Saturday getting all creative.  Erin loves creative play and can entertain herself for hours when she is engrossed in activities.  The Gel A Peel is available in Amazon and all good toy shops. Here Erin explains why she enjoyed Gel-A-Peel in her own words.  Do also watch the vlog to see how she got on.

I’ve been sent a new toy for me called Gel-a-Peel. You get to make bracelets,necklaces,earrings and chokers. There are more sets to play with, like metallic and more. I made a video on my channel called Erin Rose and I made two bracelets. 

Also it includes different tips,different pallets,instructions,numbers and letters and most of all the gel. There are different designs and for my first time I did a bracelet one and I put a heart on because I love every little child out there.I also did do a plain pink one as well. They took a bit longer to dry than the instructions said but they looked really good when they were finished.

I was playing with it all afternoon in my bedroom.

The colour of my gel is yellow,pink and orange and they glow in the dark.  The colours are really bright and summery.

Gel-a-Peel is a really fun toy and I would say children under the age of 8 or 7 should do it with a adult just so they don’t eat it or if it goes on there hands and they suck their hands or fingers.


Gel A Peel costs £17.94 in Amazon  and is suitable for those aged 8+. Gel-a-Peel Accessory Kit. Design and create your own fashionable accessories with 3 glow in the dark gel tubes, 16 design templates, 5 designer tips, and a new gel tray. It’s so easy and fun! Use the gel color tubes to trace the templates, peel the gel design, and your creations are ready to wear!  Gel a Peel can also be used to decorate your own accessories.  It is the perfect accessory for festivals and days out!  The below image demonstrates how you could even jazz up your sunnies.