Month: August 2017

L.O.L Dolls Series 2: Erin Reviews The Ultimate Pocket Money Toy

Earlier this year the latest collectable craze L.O.L. Surprise! was launched.  Within a matter of weeks of being on shelf the dolls were out of stock in all toys retailers and supermarkets due to high demand. Erin was also swept up in the craze and searched them out whenever we were in town.

LOL Dolls: Erin Reviews The Ultimate Pocket Money Toy
LOL Dolls: Erin Reviews The Ultimate Pocket Money Toy

The L.O.L doll proved extremely popular with unboxers as you get seven layers of fun with every L.O.L. Surprise doll! Inside there is a secret message sticker, a collectible sticker sheet, a water bottle charm, a pair of shoes, an outfit, an accessory and a L.O.L. Surprise! doll with water surprise. Erin often watched others opening these and desperately wanted to join in with the fun.

Erin recieved a L.O.L Doll Series 2 recently and here in her own words are her thoughts on it:

LOL Dolls: Erin Reviews The Ultimate Pocket Money Toy

A couple days ago I’ve got this really cool toy called L.O.L Dolls series 2. You need to open 7 layers. Under each layer there would be a little surprise. Also you get really excited when you get on to the 7th layer because you unwrap the doll. Mine is so cute let me describe what she’s like. She has pink hair and she has a really cute outfit on. One of the cutest things on her is her cute little boots. That’s not all, to complete her outfit she where’s a bunny headbanb.  Last but not least she has a adorable little cup.

Oh I forgot to tell you that they come with stickers that say colour change,cry,spit and wee mine spits so for example mine spits so I would get the spit sticker and put it on the collectors guide. I really enjoyed opening them so I would really like to open some more of these toys and there’s about 45 to collect.

L.O.L Dolls Series 2 are about £10 and available from most toy shops.  You can watch my vlog here and see what is under each layer.

My Holiday in Crete Staying at Vasia Beach and Spa

On the 25th of July I went to Crete for my holiday and I am still here.  We are in Vasia Beach Spa and Hotel and I’m staying for 10 days.   We have got 3 more day’s left.

Our  rooms are really good, my mum and dad shares a room, and me my brother and sister share a room.  We are lazy because we wake up at half 9 and that is only because mum wakes us! Breakfast ends at half 10 so we have to get up then.  Breakfast is really good as I can get whatever I want.  Mostly I have been getting bacon and waffles.

The next thing we do is go back to our room and get ready to go to the pool and we are there for a few hours. There is a snack bar which is free, everything is free.  It has slushes, ice cream, hot dogs, fries,fish fingers and burgers. After that we go for lunch and it is so good. My brother and sisiter don’t come for lunch as they stay in the pool.

I have had my hair braided and so did my sister.  It looks really cool and I hope it stays in until I go back to school so that I can show my friends.

Next is one of my favourite parts of the day, I go to kids club.  I go there for about two hours. We have been crafting, playing games like Uno and drawing. I have met children from different places like Holland and France. The leaders can speak to us, well some speak English and others speak Dutch. I like Kelly because she speaks English the best to me, but she isn’t even English.  I want to be able to speak different languanges like her.

When my mum picks me up from kids club I go swimming again.  After swimming I get dry and do blog posts for you. Then at about half six we go for dinner. After we go to reception where there is a bar, for a little drink before mini disco.  Mini disco is fun as we sing songs in different languages and do dances.  Then then we go back to the bar until it is bedtime.

So that is my day and what I do.