Erin came home from school asking to have her ears pierced, I was rather stunned as only a month earlier she had said no chance was it happening! I deliberated on letting my child get her ears pierced and decided she could. I explained what would happen and also how she would need to clean them to stop them getting infected. I thought it might put her off!

I decided to call her bluff somewhat and said yes thinking she would change her mind.  Instead, she got more excited.  I booked the appointment and told Erin that she could change her mind at any time.  However, I also pointed out that I wasn’t going to mess about and if she dithered we would leave the shop.  Here are her words describing the process: 

Yesterday at 10:30 I went to Kara’s to get my ears pierced. I was a bit scared if it will hurt. Before I got there I had butterflies in my tummy and felt really nervous It was basically a stapler in your ear. We went upstairs and I had to choose some earrings.  There were loads to choose and I looked whilst my mum was signing the paperwork to say I could have my ears pierced.

First, they had to clean your ears and measure that they are in line with each other.

Next, they got a pen and dotted it on my ear. Then they got the piercing gun and pressed it in my ear. Then she did the same with the other ear. When they’re done you feel so grown up. I got the purple earrings. Afterwards mum and me went for a milkshake.Then it was time to surprise my family and friends.

Here you can see the vlog of Erin having her ears pierced

Does your little one have their ears pierced or are you waiting until they are older we would love to hear other opinions?