Erin is a smart 7 year who vlogs and now blogs.  She loves collecting things, hello Num Noms, Shopkins and Joules clothes! Erin is the youngest of three children and lives with her mum and dad in Gloucester.

She was born with Hip Dysplasia (DDH) which was not diagnosed until she was 20 months old and so Erin has had multiple surgeries on her hip.  Erin also has hypermobility syndrome which means that at times her joints ache.  She is always happy though.  Although her mobility was restricted she is catching up with her peers. She loves dancing and swimming and was named as a little hero by Waterbabies in a national competition.

Erin has been featured in both national and local media a number of times and she is a confident child as a result. Erin was recently featured in The Sun aspiring child vloggers.

Erin will be blogging about the things she likes and the things she does.  Obviously due to her age, her mum Emma will be dealing with all thhe admin side leaving Erin just to have fun with writing and doing the cool stuff. You can contact Emma on


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