Most people are upset when they leave holiday but not me because I’m getting a cute little puppy. I’m getting a Cavachon it is white with a little bit of brown.
She is about 12 weeks old and it takes forever to get a name but we have finally found a name that we all agree on, which is Lilly.
I am going to be sad when I leave my dog when I am at school but when I get back I can see her again. She is one of the most cutest puppy ever. I think I’m going to be with her the most.

I still need to get some stuff for the puppy because we need a crate ,bowls , food and other stuff. I know what to do because I’m getting a book that is about puppy’s so what I will need to do . We are still thinking which days we’re going to take it out for walks.

Getting a Cavachon Puppy
Getting a Cavachon Puppy

So Lilly has been with us for the last two weeks. The first time you take puppies out for walks they probably won’t walk so you need to get them use to walking in the garden and the thing that we don’t like is she wakes up early.  She cries when she wakes up because she wants to play.  I do love  her already though and she comes in my room and sits on my bed.