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Child Ears Pierced: Does Erin Get Her Ears Pierced?

Erin came home from school asking to have her ears pierced, I was rather stunned as only a month earlier she had said no chance was it happening! I deliberated on letting my child get her ears pierced and decided she could. I explained what would happen and also how she would need to clean them to stop them getting infected. I thought it might put her off!

I decided to call her bluff somewhat and said yes thinking she would change her mind.  Instead, she got more excited.  I booked the appointment and told Erin that she could change her mind at any time.  However, I also pointed out that I wasn’t going to mess about and if she dithered we would leave the shop.  Here are her words describing the process: 

Yesterday at 10:30 I went to Kara’s to get my ears pierced. I was a bit scared if it will hurt. Before I got there I had butterflies in my tummy and felt really nervous It was basically a stapler in your ear. We went upstairs and I had to choose some earrings.  There were loads to choose and I looked whilst my mum was signing the paperwork to say I could have my ears pierced.

First, they had to clean your ears and measure that they are in line with each other.

Next, they got a pen and dotted it on my ear. Then they got the piercing gun and pressed it in my ear. Then she did the same with the other ear. When they’re done you feel so grown up. I got the purple earrings. Afterwards mum and me went for a milkshake.Then it was time to surprise my family and friends.

Here you can see the vlog of Erin having her ears pierced

Does your little one have their ears pierced or are you waiting until they are older we would love to hear other opinions?

The Day I was on TV

This weekend I went to Manchester to be on BBC1. This is my routine, so first we packed our bags for the train. It was a long journey and I packed toys to entertain me. I took colouring and top trumps. Then we were off to the train station. We waited on platform 4 for our train and we had to find our seats. It took 2 in a half hours.

As soon as we got to Manchester we got a taxi to the hotel. We got there super late so we went to bed. We had a bed each and the room was really nice.  So the next morning we woke up at 6:00. because we had to go to the studio really early. After we got ready we went to BBC1.

We had a touch of makeup and then we were on TV just like that. The lady took me into a room and asked me if I wanted my hair straight or curled.  I said curled, she kept saying I had lovely hair. Next she put some lip gloss on me.  My mum was also getting her make up done.

Then we had microphones put on us and went into the studio.  The studio is smaller than it looks on TV but the people are the same.  They are famous TV people and I was sitting with them.

We were talking about reverse advent calendars.That means giving to other people. Each day you put something in a box and then give it to a charity who gives it to poor people. They asked me questions like what I would put in the box and why we should do it. I said it makes people happy.

After it finished they said we are going on again!!!!!

We went for breakfast in the hotel and I had pancakes.

We went back to the studio and we met Katie Melua. She was really nice and liked my colouring.  We talked about playing the guitar. After we went on TV we went home to watch ourselves over and over again.

Do join in with the reverse advent calendars to help other people.

Mum Talk

Erin was amazing on the TV she showed little nerves and spoke to clearly and confidently.  The reverse advent calendar is gaining momentum, you can read about it here. Do join in and help out a vvulnerable family this Christmas.

5 Brilliant Books 7 Year Old Girls Will Enjoy Reading

Today I am going to be writing about 5 Brilliant Books 7 Year Old Girls Will Enjoy Reading. That is for girls like me. I really like reading and read before bed and also to my mum. I also do a reading club at school where I help others to read better.

The first Book is Matilda by Roald Dahl. It is about a girl that goes to school and she and she knows stuff all off by heart. Also a little girl called Amanda that is one of her friends she got pulled over the fence by her pigtails and it was by Miss Trunchball.

My second favourite book is the Wondrous World of Erin. I love this book because it says my name there’s a little bit of letters that are lost I need to find all of them so I can find a hole of my name. I also love it because it kind of just looks like me.

5 Brilliant Books 7 Year Olds Will Enjoy

My next book is Alice in Wonderland . It’s amazing when Alice falls down the tunnel. My favourite character is white rabbit.

My next book is George ‘s marvellous medicine I like it because grandma goes flying. Also some stuff that was in the medicine was shoe polish,mouth wash,soap but most of all brown paint because the medicine is brown.

Last book is the Monkey Puzzle because a monkey lost its mum and a butterfly kept on getting the wrong animal like elephant and every animal in the jungle.

Related to this post is  Thrifty World Book Day Costume Ideas and Roald Dahl Budget Costume Ideas.  Erin enjoys reading a wide range of books and is a very confident reader.  

  • To encourage children to read we suggest have plenty of books available.  
  • Secondly join a library and see what reading challenges they have on offer.
  • Model good reading habits let children see you read too.

Why Erin Loves Dancing

Today Erin is sharing how much she loves dancing which is one of her favourite things to do.  

I’ve been dancing since I’ve been six years old. I do ballet tap and modern and it’s really fun. My favourite might be modern or Ballet because ballet is really slow and relaxing and modern is really fun.

Not so long ago I had a ballet exam which I was a little nervous about. But it was quite fun. You have to wear a red tutu because it’s an exam costume. You have to have a nice bun for your hair so it will not be really scruffy.

My teacher Claire tells me what to do and there is an examiner in the room who watches us.We also have a little groups.

When I was 6 I was in the Wednesdays but now I’m in the Saturday mornings . I was overjoyed after and now I’m waiting what grades I get.

I love dance and when my dad gets back from work I show him a little dance.

*Update* Dancing for Erin is a huge achievement after having hip dysplasia and having lots of surgery. Yesterday I was overwhelmed and very emotional to learn that Erin actually got a distinction in this first exam.  It just shows that children with ddh can go on and achieve remarkable things. I am so grateful to the consultants and specialists who have put Erin back together and fixed her hip.