We were recently invited to The Summer Time Capital Ball which was sponsored by Vodafone. We first went last year and it was Erin’s first experience of a concert. She absolutely loved it and has asked so many times if we could go back! Luckily we were invited back!  Here Erin describes her day at the  Summertime Capital Ball 2017  in her own words.

Last weekend we went to summertime capital ball in London. It was at Wembley. I went with my mum, my sister Chloe and her friend. It was a long drive because the traffic was bad.

After going to our hotel we got a taxi to Wembley. We also went into the Vodafone tent and we had a selfie with props. When we got there we had glitter all over our eyes. Our seats were really good because we saw the stage.

Some of my favourite singers were Rag’n’Bone Man, Olly Murs and Little Mix. .Rag’n ‘bone man was amazing because it was loud not to loud but loud. We stayed in a lovely hotel it was quite small but it was okay. I was wearing jeans and a gem T-shirts. It was so hot but nice.

We would like to thank Vodafone for the tickets for the event. It remains as one of out highlights of the blogging year!

Our Tips for Visiting

  • Our tips are to get there early to enjoy all the outside entertainment and fun put on by Vodafone.
  • You can take food into the event although there is plenty on sale inside.
  • Our tip is also to stay in Ealing somewhere and then taxi to Wembley it is really easy and saved us time.
  • Take clothing for all weather as it does get cooler late into the evening.
  • Pre book your transport back home if you can, getting a taxi afterwards was hard work.

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  1. My teenager wanted me to bring her to see this but we live so far away that I was mean and said no. 😉 I daren’t show her this as it looks like she missed out on a lot of fun x x x

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