Today I am going to be writing about 5 Brilliant Books 7 Year Old Girls Will Enjoy Reading. That is for girls like me. I really like reading and read before bed and also to my mum. I also do a reading club at school where I help others to read better.

The first Book is Matilda by Roald Dahl. It is about a girl that goes to school and she and she knows stuff all off by heart. Also a little girl called Amanda that is one of her friends she got pulled over the fence by her pigtails and it was by Miss Trunchball.

My second favourite book is the Wondrous World of Erin. I love this book because it says my name there’s a little bit of letters that are lost I need to find all of them so I can find a hole of my name. I also love it because it kind of just looks like me.

5 Brilliant Books 7 Year Olds Will Enjoy

My next book is Alice in Wonderland . It’s amazing when Alice falls down the tunnel. My favourite character is white rabbit.

My next book is George ‘s marvellous medicine I like it because grandma goes flying. Also some stuff that was in the medicine was shoe polish,mouth wash,soap but most of all brown paint because the medicine is brown.

Last book is the Monkey Puzzle because a monkey lost its mum and a butterfly kept on getting the wrong animal like elephant and every animal in the jungle.

Related to this post is  Thrifty World Book Day Costume Ideas and Roald Dahl Budget Costume Ideas.  Erin enjoys reading a wide range of books and is a very confident reader.  

  • To encourage children to read we suggest have plenty of books available.  
  • Secondly join a library and see what reading challenges they have on offer.
  • Model good reading habits let children see you read too.

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  1. Super Blog Erin. I love Alice in Wonderland too. My favourite character is the Cheshire Cat.

    Glad you enjoy reading. It is a super skill to have and something you will always need to do.

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