Today Erin is sharing how much she loves dancing which is one of her favourite things to do.  

I’ve been dancing since I’ve been six years old. I do ballet tap and modern and it’s really fun. My favourite might be modern or Ballet because ballet is really slow and relaxing and modern is really fun.

Not so long ago I had a ballet exam which I was a little nervous about. But it was quite fun. You have to wear a red tutu because it’s an exam costume. You have to have a nice bun for your hair so it will not be really scruffy.

My teacher Claire tells me what to do and there is an examiner in the room who watches us.We also have a little groups.

When I was 6 I was in the Wednesdays but now I’m in the Saturday mornings . I was overjoyed after and now I’m waiting what grades I get.

I love dance and when my dad gets back from work I show him a little dance.

*Update* Dancing for Erin is a huge achievement after having hip dysplasia and having lots of surgery. Yesterday I was overwhelmed and very emotional to learn that Erin actually got a distinction in this first exam.  It just shows that children with ddh can go on and achieve remarkable things. I am so grateful to the consultants and specialists who have put Erin back together and fixed her hip.    

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