This year I bought Erin presents that were STEM and educational related.  As you may know, Erin is very academic and also crafty. I looked for gifts that would both challenge and entertain her.  She would spend a small fortune in Lush each week if she was able too which is why I decided to get her a bath bomb set. At first, I looked at sets aimed at children but decided many of these were gimmicky and I wanted a natural product that would actually be lovely in the bath too! I ended up buying a set from Naissance it cost just £17.99 and made 9 bath bombs.

Erin explains in her words why she enjoyed this and we also vlogged it.

For Christmas I got a make your own bath bomb set plus some Lush bath bombs. Today I had a try at making them with my mum. I managed to make 9  which is really good.

I liked doing this because it is STEM and I’m good at that stuff and like making things. The kit had mostly everything in the box apart from a wooden spoon, mixing bowls, water and a sieve.

How to make natural baath bombs at home using kitchen essentials.

The thing that was fun was putting the rose petals in the molds and scooping the mixed ingredients in the moulds.I loved doing this craft because I love having bath bombs in my bath.

I did do a video about this so go and check it out and also subscribe while you are watching or do it by clicking this link .

When it was finished the bath bombs looked so pretty. They smell really good because they have lemon in.

Let us know in the comments what other STEM activities are great for this age group.

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