I love Christmas and I love advent calendars. Luckily I have been sent a Smiggle advent calendar to have a sneak look at and unbox. It has awesome accessories in there and I want to tell you some of my favourites. So let’s get started.

My first one is scratch and smell stickers. The next one is actually behind door number 1. I like it because it is a rubber that smells like blueberries and it’s shaped like a lolly. You can see the rest of the products in my vlog below.

Also last Tuesday I went to see the new Smiggle range in Bristol at Cribbs Causeway. If you wanted to know what the range is called it is called Smile. In the range of Smile it has lovely hair Products and Jewellery. From that range I brought a locket with some glitter on the front. Then I brought some little bows for my hair.

Next I also brought a nice furry rainbow bag because mum promised me a new school bag!. Last but not least I got a pop out pencil case if you don’t know what that Is it is where there’s lots of buttons to press.  So thank you very much Smiggle for inviting us to the new launch!!!

Smile with Smiggle: See the new products

Smiggle is my favourite shop because I love stationery.  I write lots of stories at home and do craft stuff so I need my Smiggle pens to make my work look good.  When it’s my friends birthdays I usually get them something from Smiggle as their present because they do individual things or sets which we like.  It is always colourful and really nice.  The hair and jewellery pieces are new but I think it will be really popular. So many people at my school have Smiggle things and next I want a lunchbox.

Dissclosure: Smiggle gifted Erin with the Advent calendar and a voucher towards her products. Mum footed the bill for the rest!

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