Erin and mum were invited to see Wind in the Willows at Cheltenham.  It was a performance by Box Tale Soup, who specialise in a unique blend of puppetry, physical theatre and traditional performance, Here are Erin’s thoughts on the performance.

Yesterday I went to the Everyman Theatre to see Wind in the Willows. I thought it was really entertaining because it was puppets that they played with. I thought it was really cool that a girl made all of the puppets! Some of my favourite parts were the mice were singing I found it really cute. Another one is when moley got lost in the wild woods! My last one is when two of the mice lost their little mouse.My favourite character was moley and badger because moley is a little bit scared and badger is brave. So thank you every man’s theatre for sending me there!

I like going to the theatre because you can see it in real life so I like it a lot.

So I think the ages should be 3-9 for children.

Disclosure:  We we gifted press tickets for the show.

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